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Please use this Request Form for inquiries regarding our menu or to make arrangements for a large party or special event. Do not use this form to make individual reservations.

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We are open Wednesday thru Sunday at 5pm.  We take reservations for 2 holidays, Valentine's Day and  New Year's Eve.  Please call us at 479-253-5466 reserve your table.


Call Ahead List:

We have found that due to the size and popularity of our restaurant firm reservations are impossible to guarantee.  In place of reservations, we have a call ahead list that allows us to try and plan for your arrival.  Feel free to call as far in advance as you can for dinner.  On the day of your evening with us we put together a list of the names and times of everyone who has called and 30 minutes before your expected arrival we put your name on the wait list. This gives you a 30 minute head start and hopefully your wait will be minimal.  

If you would like to be put on our Call Ahead List, please call and leave your name, how many in your party, desired time for dinner and your phone number. We will call you to confirm that we received your message and that you’re are on the list.  

Parties of 5 or more...please make it a priority to call ahead since we have limited tables that will fit 5 or more guests.  

We look forward to having you for dinner.  

Phone: 479-253-5466
Email: info "at"

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